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20 July 2007 @ 01:21
Or, the archives of improved_archie are hysterically inappropriate sometimes.


Drawing them was so unbelievably fucking hard. And I spent FOUR GODDAMN HOURS ON THIS, SO IT HAD BETTER FUCKING LOOK LIKE THEM. SERIOUSLY IT IS 1:30 A.M. NOW

Anyway, yes, this was a significant part of my childhood, yet I have absolutely no qualms about raping it. Possibly because it was batfuck insane to start with. If you did not grow up reading it, there is something wrong with you and you are a communist.
It also possibly explains why I have a boner for anything before the 80's.
And why am I even still talking. This is probably an approximation of what it feels like to be stoned or something.
mood: high
joe buck rides againmiscellanium on 20th July 2007 06:20 (UTC)
I have a clean version of this somewhere.