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03 August 2007 @ 13:03
bare bones - a housewilson fanmix  
Because I'm a dooooork.

shame (the hidden cameras)

lift my legs and drop the complaints
of your life and your wife
of your life, of your wife, of your life, just drop the wife
learn to live with what you are (ben folds)

there's never gonna be a moment of truth for you
while the world is watching
all you need is the thing you’ve forgotten
and that's to learn to live with what you are
it's coming down (cake)

she's leaving your house
she had to get out
she's mad,
and she'll take her mattress with her
free ride (nick drake)

i know you
i care too
i see through
all of the pictures that you keep on the wall
all of the people that will come to the ball
but hear me calling
won't you give me
a free ride
answering machine (the replacements)

how do you say good night to
an answering machine?
how do you say i'm lonely to
an answering machine?
the message is very plain
oh, i hate your answering machine
no! (they might be giants)

do this -- no!
don't do that -- no!
sit, stay, roll over
no, no, no
bull in a china shop (barenaked ladies)

all the fun that the law allows
all the fun but with half the meaning
come on over, i'll show you how
if you lived here you'd be home by now
if you still lived here you'd be home now with me
button my lip (elvis costello)

don't want to hear some little sniveling
you just don't get what i'm delivering
maybe you want me
but you know you can't
i'd say, i want you
but you know i don't
i've got a flair (fountains of wayne)

i've got a flair
for making you care
you know you should hate me
oh yeah, oh yeah
it's something I do well
saturday (sparklehorse)

i'd like to tell you
how i feel
i'll probably keep it
'til saturday
sunday morning (the velvet underground & nico)

sunday morning, praise the dawning
it's just a restless feeling by my side
early dawning, sunday morning
it's just the wasted years so close behind
stranger than kindness (nick cave & the bad seeds)

your sleeping hands journey
they loiter
stranger than kindness
you hold me so carelessly close
tell me i'm dirty
stranger than kindness
between my legs (rufus wainwright)

again, i'm afraid of one thing,
will i walk away from love knowing nothing, wearing my heart between my legs?
but when i know you're naked, lying on the bed while i'm at the piano
all i can say is i can't fake it
the passenger (iggy pop)

i am the passenger
i stay under glass
i look through my window so bright
i see the stars come out tonight
i see the bright and hollow sky

we are nowhere and it's now (bright eyes)

and if you swear that there's no truth and who cares
how come you say it like you're right?
why are you scared to dream of god
when it's salvation that you want?
you see stars that clear have been dead for years
but the idea just lives on
friend is a four letter word (cake)

when I go fishing for the words
i am wishing you would say to me
i'm really only praying
that the words you'll soon be saying
might betray the way you feel about me
tiergarten (rufus wainwright)

i have suffered shipwreck against your dark brown eyes
i have run aground against your broken down smiles
believe me when i tell you i have no place to go
but to go where the wild flowers grow and the stone gardens bloom
if i fell (the beatles)

if i gave my heart to you
i must be sure from the very start
that you would love me more than her

[There's also an extra (secret!) bonus track that I threw in there at the last minute.]

mood: accomplished
music: The Rheostatics - Mumbletypeg
Jenniecoervus on 3rd August 2007 20:33 (UTC)
Oh, nice mix. Downloading. :]
joe buck rides againmiscellanium on 3rd August 2007 20:48 (UTC)
Thank you!
G: MASHunmellow_yellow on 4th August 2007 00:55 (UTC)
Wow! Great mix and wonderful cover art - very creative with the lungs/Wilson's face combo. I can only dream of learning to photoshop one day, so I'm always amazed when people can do things like that on their computers!
joe buck rides again: Lee: OH MY DARLING HONEYmiscellanium on 4th August 2007 02:32 (UTC)
Oh gosh, thanks; I'm glad you like the covers that much! I hope you enjoy listening to the mix as much. :)
...Never show 'em your source code...: H/C/W OT3angelfirenze on 22nd August 2007 20:14 (UTC)
I tried downloading this, only to find out (and lament) that it's not in a format I can use. Do you have this as separate .mp3s in a .zip file?
joe buck rides again: Kawamura: D:miscellanium on 22nd August 2007 21:40 (UTC)
That's odd, it seems to be formatted that way for me. I'll try uploading the .mp3s individually to yousendit or something--would that work for you? (Sorry!)
...Never show 'em your source code...: Dumbledore Fucked Snapeangelfirenze on 23rd August 2007 02:35 (UTC)
Thanks! I'll try again now.
...Never show 'em your source code...: Adorable!Gaping!Wilsonangelfirenze on 23rd August 2007 02:44 (UTC)
Re: if all else fails
Dude, thanks! MegaUpload was going to make me wait an hour and a half because I already tried downloading the previous file. I'll download these tomorrow.
addicted2hughaddicted2hugh on 7th September 2008 10:54 (UTC)
i was wondering if you could re-upload the mp3s? i just stumbled upon this and i'd love to dl, but i've got the same file format problem as angelfirenze, so the zip is of no use to me :(. it would be awesome if you could help...
addicted2hughaddicted2hugh on 19th September 2008 09:46 (UTC)
Re: here we go
thank you so much :D!!!
addicted2hughaddicted2hugh on 19th September 2008 09:46 (UTC)
Re: here we go again
and again, thank you <3!