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24 August 2008 @ 12:51
Goddamn site deleted my account and now a bunch of my recent pictures are missing. And it looks like I never saved some of them, because I'm a fucking idiot. ffffffffffff


I'll post a batch of wallpapers I made a couple months ago, then start figuring out stuff to backdate. lol I forget about everything

so why you gotta act like you know everything
character: Echizen

did you know how much i love you
characters: Yuugi, Yami Yuugi

that its dreadful imposition comes blacking in my mind
characters: Yuugi/Yami

my left foot walks to the rhythm of his
characters: Yami, Yuugi

wild drive
characters: Jounouchi, Kaiba, Yuugi, Yami

so i'll leave the ways that are making me be what i really don't want to be
characters: Yami/Yuugi

well these ghosts they will not leave me
characters: Yami, Yuugi

you either kiss the future or the past goodbye
characters: Yami/Yuugi

lend me your ears and i'll sing you a song
people: George, Ringo, Paul, John

well i bet you i'm gonna be a big star
people: Ringo

when you're listening late at night
people: George, Ringo, John, Paul

after a while you start to smile
people: Cassius Clay, George, Ringo, John, Paul

wash it down with cool clear soul
people: Ringo, Paul, John

1: Art by Konomi Takeshi; lyrics from Ben Folds' 'Bastard'
2: Unknown; lyrics from Bonnie Prince Billy's 'I See A Darkness'
3: see previous
4: Unknown; lyrics from The Hidden Cameras' 'He Is The Boss of Me'
5: Art by H&H
6: Unknown; lyrics from Nick Drake's 'Time Has Told Me'
7: Unknown; lyrics from Bishop Allen's 'Ghosts Are Good Company'
8: Unknown; lyrics from Ringo Starr's 'Weight of The World'
9: Lyrics from their 'With A Little Help from My Friends'
10: Lyrics from Buck Owens' 'Act Naturally'
11: Lyrics from their 'Northern Song'
12: Lyrics from their 'Good Morning Good Morning'
13: Lyrics from Ringo Starr's 'A Dose of Rock'n'Roll'
mood: annoyed
music: Elvis Costello - Shoes Without Heels